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6 Tips for a Budget-Friendly Home Makeover

6 Tips for a Budget-Friendly Home Makeover

Small, inexpensive home decorating projects can freshen up your living space and create a whole new ambiance. Whether you're looking to update your main living areas, repaint the entire house, or want to refurbish rooms with new furniture and decor,
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Churches plan special Jubilee events

throughout the city, will involve a party hosted by the Bishop of Salisbury, a lunch aimed at bringing neighbours and communities together, and a community day of action, helping residents with painting and decorating, gardening or cleaning.
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DIY framed silhouette art

Silhouettes and cameos are not new to the home decorating scene — in fact, they've been around for well over a century. However, this look is making a serious comeback now, this time with brighter colors and a more modern look.
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